Increase Home Value With Smart Home Tech! [VIDEO]

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Lou Vega of SuperHome "Smart Homes Can Increase Value!" 

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Hey everybody, this is Andy Weintraub, 

 I'm a realtor here in South Jersey serving Voorhees, Cherry Hill, and surrounding areas, as

 well as Pennsylvania into Philly Bucks County, and Montgomery County, 

 and I'm here to bring you... what am I here to bring you lou?

I don't know, you're here to bring you along for some kind of

 ride that you have going on.

 We're gonna go on a little bit of a ride. Right.

 I want to bring you something that's beneficial to you and your lives as homeowners or maybe

 your renters, maybe you own a business, but my job, my goal is to bring you something of benefit

 to you in your life.

 And so today is it is my distinct pleasure to introduce you to someone who is not only a great

 friend, but a true professional, true expert in the world of Smart Homes.

 His name is Lou Vega and he's with SuperHome ( based out of Philly, also

 covers the New Jersey area.

 Right, Lou here in South Jersey? That's right! 

 We'll talk about what it means to have a smart home smart home technology, how that benefits

 you as a homeowner,  as a seller.

 and generally, all around in our lives. So Lou, 

 can you break it over a little bit for us, tell us more about smart home tech! Yeah, absolutely.

 Andy thanks as always, man, it's always a pleasure to work with you and talk to you.

 So thanks for the opportunity to get a chance to

 talk to your customer base. It's always a good time.

 You know, we worked together on recently on an open house that we had a great time and you've

 got some amazing feedback about how the technology and having you know, people have

 add value to, you know, at the open house and obviously along for the experience to enhance

 their overall buying process and and the selling process.

 So it's always a pleasure. So just a little bit about me, my name is Lou Vega and been in

 technology for the last 15 years for the last five years been supporting homeowners investors

 with security camera, surveillance, smart home technology and the like and really just giving, you

 know, folks who are interested in technology and making their lives a little bit more convenient

 while also maintaining security, just giving them an opportunity to implement these technologies

 into their homes.

 You know, a thing of the past was that smart homes were for the ultra wealthy and if you didn't

 have a bajillion dollars, you wouldn't really have access to this technology.  Well,  today, smart

 home technology really should be and is more commonly, in every single home and we run our

 houses from our phones now and everything that we do is really connected to us at all times, from

 smartwatches to displays on the wall to smart speakers and, and everything, you know, all kind

 of mixes in between.

 So it's really a lot of, a lot more accessible than we thought it, than it ever has been.

 So my job at SuperHome as the owner of SuperHome is to really help to consolidate the

 messy world of the internet of things, right, which so many things out there.

 So my job is really to be the liaison into that space and help investors, homeowners

 understand the technology and then also put it together in packaging in a way that's easy and

 simplified to use.

 So, that's what we've been doing, like I said over the last five years, I've had the luxury and the

 pleasure of working with some amazing people and again, helping them to implement technology

 into their, into their daily life.

 So it's been a great time, Awesome, and you are so good.

 I mean, I really, really appreciate you always liked you before, but I never knew that you had this

 technological, know how, I mean, I'm the guy in my family that people call to fix stuff and you

 know, I'm like at this level, but you really  you know, you really know it. Actually last week, it's, I

 think what's really important here and you brought up a

 great point is it is so you know, ubiquitous, right.

 It's a part of our lives in every way, shape and form.

 And just last week my wife was driving with our kids in her car behind my car and I had to call

 somebody and it was ringing in her suv behind me because I didn't, you know, do the channels

 right or whatever it is.

 I mean, you know, my expertise stops at, "hey, we have to pair our phones" right?

 So it can be really convoluted and messy, making what

 should be an awesome thing into kind of a challenge.

 So what is your approach to that when people already have tech or they know what they want,

 but they don't have to do it.

 Yeah. So part of my process is I kind of do a discovery with them and so we do a Discovery

 session to really understand, okay, what is it that you currently have in your home today?

 What kind of platforms are you got is your family using?

 You know, we live in a household that probably has.

 I mean there's there's real hard statistics on this, but it's probably about five devices at least in

 every single home between the two cell phones, you know, your smart tv and some other devices,

 ipads, laptops, you know, you're going to have some

 like at least five pieces of technology in your house.

 And so what I do is do a discovery to understand, okay, what are you guys using today?

 Where do you want to go with your technology and then I use my, you know, years of learning

 this stuff and studying all the different platforms and integrations to figure out a way that we can

 create some harmony between them and so so really that's that's my first approach is really to do

 a discovery session.

 Once I understand the platforms that people are using, then I can go and make my

 recommendations and also what their needs are.

 Right? So I can tell you, okay, yeah, sure.

 Maybe you want to go with the apple home kits platform because You're an apple home and it

 would be easier, easier from one place.

 Well that doesn't solve every problem, right. There

 isn't necessarily an easy solution in every single platform.

 Sometimes when you, when you try to stick in the one likes a smart assistant like say Alexa for for

 example, you know, there aren't always the best of the best in every category.

 So what we try to do is find and hand picked products that integrate well, so you get the best

 overall experience and so that we're kind of importance in that way, but it really does man, at

 the end of the day we're doing a deep dive and we're trying to understand what your, what your

 ecosystem is like and we try to blend that together.

 Okay, fantastic. And I watched you in action. You came with me to my to an open house 

 I had for a gorgeous place in Philly.

 People were very impressed with you, which of course led them to really appreciate, you know,

 what I was offering.

 We had multiple offers that day from, from our first showings at the open house and you know,

 one person went as far as to say, it was the best open house had ever been to and I really, I gotta

 give you a huge portion of that credit because people came, I mean, I had other professionals

 as well there, but people came in and just to be able to say, hey, this is a smart home and people

 know those words, they know what it means and it may be a little mysterious to them.

 And the feedback I got personally for you, I don't know if you heard this, but was great.

 People just want to hear what's it mean to be wired throughout our home versus, you know, wifi

 transmitters or whatever.

 So you you were awesome. I just want to attest to how fantastic you are.

 I don't even really, I don't even really like you that much.

 I just think you're no, I love you man, you know that you're really, really, really awesome. No, no.

 You know, it's funny, it's you know, Andy for you though to even think to have me, there is a

 testament to your focus in technology and really understanding because you get it and you

 understand the value.

 But you know, and I had this conversation recently with an appraiser.

 So I spoke with an appraiser who, who contacted me because they are building a home and they

 want me to build a smart home for them.

 And I had a conversation with him asking him, I said, you know, are you seeing this more and

 more as a trend, where the houses are pre wired for internet properly.

 are you seeing where more technology and like how does that affect the home value?

 And she and I, you know, it's always been a messy kind of conversation when I would what I

 would talk to builders or investors because it's looked at as a cost center, right?

 And not really an investment. You know, when you're redoing all the H V A C, you know, that's

 an investment in the home, you're redoing the bathroom.

 It's an investment in the home.

 But smart technology and security and internet wiring and ethernet wiring and that kind of thing.

 It's, it's really hard to put, okay if I, if I dropped this money into the property doing this

 technology, putting this technology in what return am I getting on my investment?

 Very tough number and very tough thing to explain because it's still relatively new.

 And so the appraiser told me that, you know,

 depending on the areas and the comps in the area.

 It (smart home tech) can absolutely add value to the home and it's a consideration that she makes

 in her appraisals.

 So, I don't get to talk to appraisers every day, but to to hear that it helps to justify more on how

 important I know that it is and it really create a case for investors and homeowners who are

 looking sellers, you're looking to sell your house, you're gonna sell with Andy Weintraub because

 you want the best right?

 You want the best experience. We want somebody understand.

 So you're gonna go with Andy, but how else can

 you enhance the appeal of your home that you're selling?

 All right to give those buyers that one little extra little thing that's going to set your house apart

 And they're going to be like, you know what we want that house because not only does it have

 that extra little technology in it that I really love.

 I mean, let's face a lot of millennials are buying homes today, right?

 They do everything from their phone, they're gonna look at this house and say, wow.

 And then when Andy goes to to do the showing he's gonna already understand the technology

 because he's into that, right?

 He understands and gets it. And so now you have this win win, you have your sellers, you

 have a really cool house that you can create.

 You know, understand the differences between this house and the next because it's got that extra

 little fancy stuff, right?

 And then you have a realtor like you who can explain it.

 So it is, it's a big thing today.

 And I really, I advise everybody who's, who is building a house or selling a house to try to

 integrate some technology to really stand, you know, help yourself stand apart.

 Yeah, That's fantastic. I really appreciate what you just said.

 You know, not only your explanation, but you know, your kind words about me and you know,

 I'd have to say you're right, I am the guy.

 But you know, for real, I do love technology and you know, even without smart home tech, you

 know, in a home, whatever it is.

 One of the seven laws that I used to help my sellers get more every single time, Lou, is you

 have to differentiate,  because maybe you're up against the home, which is, fully renovated and

 you're 90% renovated or 80% renovated.

 If you can appeal to one basic hunger pang that

 the buyers have, that's all that they are going to see.

 Sometimes for instance, I want to show everybody I'm

 going to attempt to do a screen share here.

 let's just, I'm sure you can see that popping up and let me just say this. Can you see Lou, please let me know when you

 can see my screen. Okay, so this is actually perfect.

 This is a 3D tour of a beautiful home and I want to show some of the just one or two little pieces

 of the smart home technology doesn't have to be a huge integration to work right?

 to to differentiate. So let me see if I can.

 So what we did was I had my 3D tour professional integrate a couple of smart tags and

 so that anybody that saw this online and of course in person would would be able to play

 with this themselves.

 So check this out. I hope this comes through. Let's see.


 (inaudible owner) "Alexa, Kitchen on."

 I mean how cool is that?

 He didn't even have to wire the home for that. Right? That was, that was wireless tech.

 That's right. So yeah, so that feature the lights coming on and off, you know, that's the cool thing

 about hand selecting products that have ubiquitous integrations like Google Alexa, Apple.

 Those are Phillips hue lights that go on and off.

 I personally have them in my home.

 I think they're one of the best in the smart lighting game for you know, for the consumer market and

 being able to just say hey and then you know, yelling out the mrs name.

 I didn't want to say it together and trigger somebody's home.

 But but you know, you can say hey and then call that, call out the name and the lights will turn on,

 the blinds will go down.

 the temperature goes right to the temperature that you love when you're, when you're getting

 ready to come into the house or what you're getting ready to leave, you don't want it to be

 running, you know, all the time.

 So many integrations man, ...wait, you just said your temperature can be ready for WHEN  you're

 coming into the home, so you're not even home yet.

 And what are they speaking into an app in the car on the drive home? Yeah, yeah absolutely.

 So let me give an example, a very quick one.  A 

 lot of cars are coming with android auto and Apple carplay.

 And so an example, let's just say for a

 for Apple because I'm an Apple certified technician, apple expert.

 actually been in the Apple space for the let's see 4, 8, what's that work out to?

 like 13 years, I've been doing apple, strictly apple stuff so it's one of my bread and butter.

 So like with apple carplay you can use the home kit integration which is the home smart home

 automation platform that comes on every iphone.

 you can say hey and say that lady's name that starts with an S.

 and what will happen is you can set a, a pre-made scene saying, you know, I'm coming

 home and what will happen is all the lights in whatever rooms you want to go to certain color

 temperatures and brightness levels, You can set the temperature exactly the way you want it.

 You can, you know, hey, you can have open a certain door in your home.

 you can do a whole bunch of things man, you can connect everything together and so it creates

 this, this convenience that you didn't really even realize you needed another way, you know, with

 the home of that home that you were just showing.

 Andy a second ago, I don't know if you have any, any visualizations of the outside, but I'm not sure

 I do okay if you have any, anything maybe on the first floor, but the front door for example, that at

 this home had a smart lock and it had a video doorbell, we'll just do nothing with my, my wife

 yesterday that ever since we got our new puppy, we realized how convenient being able to open

 and close and lock our front door is from our phone.

 We got, you know, a leash in one hand and a treat bag around here.

 You know, and so your hands are full. You have groceries.

 For example, your hands are full just being able to yell out through your smart assistant to unlock

 your front door and have it automatically open is, you know, amazing convenience factor that you

 don't even realize that you need until you experience it incredible.

 You're just saying into your phone, front, hey, front

 door unlocked. Hey, the locked front door lock.

 I'll tell you what I'm gonna do. I mean you just inspired me.

 I'm going to have a second zone for AC

 Put into the house and then when I'm going to, I'm going to say

 hey google

 my phone answered.

 "Fighting with wife", or, "marriage Saver", and it's instantly

 gonna cool one area and warm up the other.

 I mean that's gotta be like the number one.

 And I think if if America integrated that every household, we cut down divorces by probably

 50% easily, easily, easily.

 Absolutely man.

 I'm telling you, my, my wife has said multiple times how much she enjoys the lighting in the

 house and being able to create an ambiance from the lighting.

 you know, creating colors because you can change the colors of course on the bulbs and the

 color temperature of all different shades of white And so at at night she might blend, you know,

 you know, some warm tones together to kind of create a different ambiance in the house.

 That's relaxing and soothing. You know, working all day.

 it's nice to be able to be able to

 change your environment. So it's pretty cool. Awesome man, awesome.

 Well you are, you are fantastic. Really.

 Such a privilege for me to be able to take this time really quickly.

 I want to ask what is because I know that you have an installation to get to what is the craziest

 or the best or the most interesting integration you've you've

 done in the last few years? I would say.

 Yeah I would say you know interesting.

 We've done some cool stuff where we've put in like this is something probably most people don't

 even think about but we've put in some water

 sensors near the water heater and washing machine units.

 So you can get notifications if like there's a leak

 or if there's an overflow you get water in the basement.

 You can actually have smart sensors that will report back to your phone.

 If there's a leak, it detects water.

 it'll send a notification to your phone to let you know that there's been a leak.

 Sometimes that stuff happens and you know this and you're not even home and water in the

 basement or you get a league or the water heater goes and you don't have, you have no idea.

 So that was probably, I mean it's a very, I wouldn't say it's like a crazy one but it's it's a very

 niche thing that I think people really miss.

 But yeah, so that that was that's you know, just a quick one that probably people don't think of it.

 There's a lot of neat stuff like blinds and

 lighting and locks and thermostats and stuff. That's pretty common.

 But most people don't even think about that kind of thing. That's great.

 That's brilliant actually because, you know, I have an alarm on mine, but if I'm not home, nobody's

 home, you know, nobody's there to hear the tree fall, right, so to speak.

 So yeah, that's that's brilliant. Now I do provide a home warranty to all of my my listings for free for

 the duration of the listing, so hopefully that will mitigate some of the costs.

 But guys why even wait till it gets there?

 call Lou let them put in the smart home sensor, right, so that you're alerted on your phone, you

 can have your neighbor running and fix it or whatever the case may be.

 You know, speaking of your phone on your way home, rough day, get in, You already got Biggie

 playing, or maybe it's Sinatra or you know, whatever it is, the lights are set just right

 automatically, Turn on the movies right?

 Watch the Warriors are you know, going with the wind or whatever the heck heck it is.

 I'm probably gonna be blasting some Wu-Tang by the time I hit the spot.

 But just just brilliant, Lou,  so, listen, I really appreciate you.

 I know you have to run, can you please tell us how do people get in touch with you?

 And then we'll have, you know, it should be scrolling by the time we go live with this, I mean

 this is live right now right?

 But also again, yeah, absolutely, absolutely, yeah.

 So anybody that just wants to chat about security, business surveillance automation for your Airbnb

 or you have a residential home that you're building or you have one existing that you'd like

 to upgrade with technology or alarm systems.

 You can go to my website, From there, you can

 actually build your system online, have a really nifty little form that allows you pick and choose

 what items are going to be, you know that you're interested in and then that sends it directly to us

 so we can have an overview profile for you right away.

 you can also give me a call 215-883-4183. You can text me on that number as well.

 This is my website. Thanks  Andy. My numbers on the on the page and if you want to email me it's   is the email address, you can fill out a consultation on our

 page and just like I said, if you just want to

 get in contact with me, you know, to ask me what's possible.

 We'd be happy to help you guys out anything that you need.

 We'll be able to take care of you. Awesome

 Lou, such a pleasure to have you, I really appreciate it.

 Hopefully it recorded this time. We tried this once before as a fantastic 20 minute interview with

 Facebook shut us down.

 I mean talk about technology blowing up in your face, which can happen.

 So my friends, please don't let the technology blow up in your face because you think you

 know... the red wire, pull the green wire... it's going to blow up eventually.

 Right? Have an expert do it. Always let an expert handle your business.

 That's why I go to an expert to have my teeth done.

 You know haircut, I mean my hair is pretty short,  it doesn't matter. But let the experts do it.

 If you're an expert, people should let you do your job and you at home let the experts do their job. 

 Lou  will take the best care of you! Appreciate that.

 Thank you. Thank you so much Lou.  I'm Andy Weintraub, if you have any questions how to get

 in touch with Lou,  or any question about buying or selling or any real estate questions in general,

 you can reach me at .

 You can also call me (856) 314-5110. 

 Now serving PA  as well. Thanks everybody. Lou,  thanks so much. Take care.

 Thank you

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